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Pre K through 8

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2018-2019 H.S.A. Leadership Team :

President                            Cat Grube

Marketing V.P.                    Kristin Acuna

Outreach V.P.                     Jeanne Fredericks

Treasurer                            Jeannette Pizarro

Secretary                            Chris Viejo

Lead Class Parents           Tara Solorzano       Beth Stivers

Leadership Team Members:  

 Carol Sefjack (Christmas Corners Chair), Nancy Tagliareni, Lisa Lehrer, Joanne Barrett, Hala-Dollari, Katrina Llanes, Caroline Buza, Sarah Elbell, Laura Szymanski, Andrea Bustios, Michelle Horvath, Rachael Jones, Jaime Frantantoni, Kelly Giresi



What is the HSA?  

The acronym stands for Home School Association. The H.S.A is a group of parents who are committed to representing all parents. We believe that parents and faculty share the common objective of providing for the best spiritual, educational, social and physical development of each child enrolled here at St. Cassian School. We foster an environment that is positive and open.  We partner with the St. Cassian School principal and St. Cassian parish to ensure our Catholic Community here at St. Cassian is thriving.  We are a positive vessel to promote a spiritual, caring and kind environment at our school

There are unique and separate roles of the school faculty and of the parents; administration of school policy and the curriculum falls to Mrs. Llanes. Parental involvement is critical to supplement and support the work of St. Cassian School. The HSA works hard to coordinate many events that benefit our school and our children during the year. In order to make our events thrive it takes dedication and time from all of our parents. 

Objectives of the Home School Association Leadership Team:

  • Bring into closer relation the home and school so that parents and teachers may cooperate in the spiritual and intellectual training of the children of St. Cassian School
  • Be a positive Christian leader in our school community promoting kindness, respect and leadership
  • Encourage active parental involvement in order to assist the school administration to attain its' goals
  • Provide the means for clear and regular communications between the home and school with regard to the school's goals and programs
  • Organizing and executing fundraising and social events that support our school community

      Please do not hesitate to email us to volunteer or for more information: