St. Cassian School
190 Lorraine Avenue, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
973 746 1636



Pre K through 8


Drop off and Pick UpFor the safety of our students, please observe procedures


Listed below are procedures that will ensure a safe and efficient drop off/pick up. Please drive slowly anywhere around our building when children are present.

  • Please enter the parking lot either through the Church driveway (off of Bellevue Avenue) or through the Lorraine Avenue entrance.
  • Please do not enter the lot from Norwood Avenue (this is an exit only).

The area in front of the Pre K Room is for drop off only. Your child(ren) should exit the car as quickly and safely as possible.  THE DRIVER SHOULD NOT GET OUT OF THE CAR.

  • If using the drop off area, please pull up as far up as possible.

Important: If you need to get out of your car to walk with your child(ren) or assist your child(ren) out of the car, please park in the main lot only.

  • Do not park in the spaces in front of the Pre K room or the Science Room.  These spaces are for the teachers and the staff.
  • It is best to park on the left side of Norwood when dropping off. Open left car door. Children should never cross in the middle of the block.
  • Drop off on Lorraine Avenue in front of main door. Children should not exit car on driver’s side.
  • ALWAYS cross at corner (Lorraine and Norwood) our crossing guard – Drop Off and Pick Up time.

Pick Up

  • Grades 4-8 on Lorraine Avenue.
  • Grades PreK-3 from gym or PreK doors or gate to playground.
  • Children should NOT play in parking lot at dismissal time